Thursday, July 14, 2011

Owl Stretching

Saigon Kick is one of the most underrated bands of the 90's. I've written about this topic before, so I won't go into depth here. All you need to know is I freaking love Saigon Kick and would've given my first born for a reunion. OK...maybe not my first born because he's super rad and very handsome, but you get the idea.

The closest thing I'm getting to a reunion is Owl Stretching, which consists of Jason Bieler (my personal fave), Chris McLernon and Ricky Sanders. There have been updates on their Facebook page leaving us fans drooling for more info. Something's happening...they're in the studio...there's artwork...I need more now!

And just to tease us a little bit more until their originals are finished, the band posted a newly recorded cover of Saigon Kick's "The Lizard." I wasn't really sure what to expect as far as the sound of the band was concerned, so I was pretty stoked to get a sneak peak on the direction they're headed.

So with great anticipation, I sat on my couch with my laptop and pressed play. Huh...that's weird. I really wasn't expecting that. Yes, I know I said I wasn't sure what to expect, but they totally sucker punched me with that one. Honestly...I could do without all the weird, computer generated, techno, industrial mumbo jumbo that was incorporated. I just wish the entire song sounded more like the chorus. But Jason's voice sounds great and his guitar solo is smokin'.

But do I like the song? I do. I could I not? The original will always be better to me, but I know that's not what Owl Stretching was going for. What would be the point in that? If they would've recorded "The Lizard" like the original, then the band would've been called Saigon Kick and not Owl Stretching, right?


Lauren said...

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Download music said...

Wow, this band is really cool! Not only for their music, live show is awesome!

Michael said...

I give "The Lizard" regular spins. Yes, the ACTUAL cd!! PEPPERMINT TRIBE!!!!!

CoconutLove said...

The "Water" album is also very underrated as I made the above comment! RNR4EVAH!