Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saigon Kick Making a Come Back?

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: technology and social networking are amazing. Recently on Facebook, I found the members of Saigon Kick. The teenager in me was freaking out, and the adult in me was trying to keep her composure. Saigon Kick are one of my all time favorite bands ever, and I believe they are incredibly underrated.

Now, there are rumblings of a Saigon Kick reunion. A new Saigon Kick Facebook fan page has appeared, and there's a Twitter page, too. All of us fans are hanging on EVERY word that is posted and keeping our fingers crossed for that reunion announcement.

If there is a reunion, which line up will reunite? Honestly...I don't care as long as it includes Jason Bieler. For me, Bieler is the key ingredient to that band. His style, his writing, his everything is exactly what made me fall in love with Saigon Kick. I appreciate the fact that after Matt Kramer left the band, he didn't get a new singer; Bieler just took over the vocals and it worked really well. Why? Because he didn't add a different element to the band. That's not to say that I don't really love Matt Kramer era Saigon Kick. Their first, self titled album is pure genius, and The Lizard was the soundtrack to my high school life. But I'm just a Jason Bieler kinda girl, and I always have been.

Lucky for me, I've seen both line ups live. The first time I saw Saigon Kick live was in 1992 (I was 15) when they opened up for Extreme in Dayton, Ohio. My friends and I braved the bitter cold and showed up at the venue many hours early just to try to meet the band...and meet the band we did! When I was standing next to Jason Bieler, it took everything in me not to pounce on him. I was so excited that I forgot to give him the friendship bracelet that I made for him; I ended up giving it to Matt Kramer and he wore it on stage that night (Yeah, yeah, yeah...keep laughing about the friendship bracelet; they were cool back then!). I saw them for a second time during the Water tour at Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1993. It was around my birthday, and somehow, I got lucky enough to meet them once again. The third time I saw Saigon Kick live was somewhere around 1997-1998 with Matt Kramer and no Jason Bieler. Although I was stoked to see Kramer back on vocals, it just wasn't the same without Jason.

So this is my pitiful, pathetic plea to Saigon Kick to PLEASE reunite. I don't think I've wanted a band to reunite so badly, and I know I'm not the only one who wants to see this happen. For the love of god...just get back together already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I encourage those of you who aren't familiar with Saigon Kick, or for those of you who don't necessarily like them, to listen to anything by them other than "Love is on the Way." Although it is a fantastic song (and helped me through many a high school heartbreak), it's certainly not the best representation of their musical repertoire. Check out a couple of videos below

Killing Ground

Hostile Youth - This song is so dirty, rough and badass!

Saigon Kick · Hostile Youth
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Spanish Rain - A really beautiful ballad.


Chris McLernon said...

Smiling, from my post.

Christopher said...

I remember discovering Saigon Kick's "The Lizard" -- also a staple of my college years. The lyrics grabbed me as much as the music (itself a step above most 'glam metal' / 'heavy metal' bands of the time) . . . some real thought went into those lyrics.

I'd love to see a reunion!

Shane said...

I'm right with you there.. I hope to he great goat lod that Saigon Kick make a return, but it has to be with Jason for it to truly work. I was never fortunate enough to see them live (I don't think they made it across to the UK that often) but I followed the band religously right from the start and I'm certain that there is a place in the world for them today. Jason is too good a songwriting talent to be stuck running a record label (however successful it may be).

Loved your post!