Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nikki Sixx & Kat Von D No More...Take Two

My friend Charlene sent me a link to some People magazine article last week that indicated that Kat Von D had been seen getting cuddly with Jesse James in Vegas. I didn't really think too much of it since a few months ago, Perez Hilton posted a pic of Kat Von D and Bam Margera walking down the street holding hands. If any of you follow Nikki Sixx or listen to his Sixx Sense radio show, you know Nikki was pretty pissed about Perez inferring that Kat and Bam were together since the two are BFF's.

But to my surprise, Kat Von D announced on Twitter, that she and Nikki were no longer together. And then I almost crapped my pants when she tweeted that she was indeed dating Jesse James. I believe she tried to delete that tweet because none of my friends could find it...but I took a screen print of it and saved it in a very special place.

Now Nikki has come out with his official statement on his Sixx Sense site wishing Kat "the very best." I suppose that's a little more official than the last time when he posted a blog about the break up on his myspace page (I fell for that one hook, line and sinker).

I find the break up news a bit of a surprise since the two of them have been posting vomit inducing tweets about each other for months and they just went to Europe together a few weeks ago. Maybe they had already broken up before they went to Europe and were there as friends? Who knows. We'll never know what actually happened between the two of them, and I suppose that's fine since it is their private lives we're talking about here.

But Jesse James? Really? I guess after hearing about all of his nasty affairs and after he broke the heart of America's sweetheart, he just seems like a real BIG douche bag. And why would any woman go from Nikki Sixx to a douche bag? Granted, I'm sure Nikki Sixx is no angel, but he's Nikki f-ing Sixx for crying out loud.

So here's to hoping that Kat Von D didn't break Nikki's heart because if she did, I'd have to hunt her down and smack her around a little bit.


Mrs Munster said...

Even if I think Kat von D is one cool chick, I always thought dear Nikki was too good for her. It was obvious that Kat Von D wouldn't settle for the first rocker she managed to get her hands on after becoming famous. But Jesse James? What in earth?

Jay Amabile said...

she's dating Jesse James now? Wow...Nikki seemed way more her type.

KarenLS said...

I totally agree! I love Kat Von D but DUDE! It's Nikki Sixx for God's sake! Hunt her down and smack her around for breaking up with him!! I'd give my left arm (not) for a date with Nikki!!! I LOVE HIM!