Friday, January 1, 2010

Rockin' in 2010 with Lita Ford

What better way to start a new decade than with boobs in my face and Lita Ford and Jim Gillette? When I found out that Lita was going to be the hostess with the mostess at my local gentlemen's club for New Year's Eve, I was STOKED. It didn't take much convincing to get my husband to go (go figure) and our best friends ended up coming along. It was going to be a GREAT night with the people I love!

My excitement for New Year's Eve started on Twitter. I tweeted that I was going to spend my NYE with Lita Ford. To my surprise, Ms. Lita responded, "Sounds like I'll be seeing you!" I let her know that I was hoping for a lap dance with which she replied, "Sorry - only hubby gets those!" Damn it! Oh well, I knew I would get a lap dance that evening, but I was just hoping it would come from her.

We arrived at the club late, around 11pm, and posted up right next to the stage. Unfortunately, we missed Lita playing a few tasty licks but she was signing autographs about 5ft from our table.

At this time, I would like to personally apologize to Lita and Jim for the HORRIBLE f-ing band the club booked to play. Holy hell...they were embarassing. They were off key, off beat and Apparently, the drummer and bass player were brought in to play last minute, which may explain their awfulness. However, that's still no excuse for sounding so bad; they should have excused themselves from this gig. The Queen of Metal deserved MUCH better musical entertainment, that's for sure. And my husband's band, Snowblynd, was supposed to replace that band at the last minute but the other band refused to bail even when asked nicely. Oh well.

The line to talk to Lita was long, so I waited for it to die down. Right before the New Year was upon us, it was my turn. I told her that I had tweeted her that day and she remembered me. She told Jim who I was and he looked at me and said, "You wanted the lap dance!" Busted! Yep, that was me! We chatted for a little bit and I let her know that I was good friends with her old bass player, Tommy Caradonna. She was stoked to hear about him and find out he lived in town. Too bad we couldn't get him to come out and join us! Then through earlier conversations, it was discovered that my husband's father's band, The Godz, actually opened for Jim's band, Nitro, back in the day! How f-ing cool is that? Yeah! And Jim still remembered their song, "Criminal Mind." Lita and Jim were both super cool and took their time with each person and didn't rush anyone. They were great hosts!

Later in the evening, there was a raffle to win an autographed B.C. Rich guitar (that was won by one of our friends!) and Jim and some lovely dancers handed out autographed copies of Lita's latest CD, Wicked Wonderland. was time for lap dances and shoving dollar bills in panties! Woohoo!

Thanks to Lita and Jim for helping us bring in the New Year and the New Decade in pure rock and roll style! We had a freaking blast and hope you guys did too! And to all of you who didn't or couldn't make it to Lita's Rockin' New Year's missed out!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time!! Happy New Year!!