Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dave Navarro Reads My Blog

Or at least he read my blog once, and I'm milking it for everything that it's worth.

Once again, Twitter surprised me with its tweet magic. I noticed that someone I didn't recognize tweeted my name. It was DavesBadBarbie and her tweet said, "#17 Read a cute blog by @ChristineSixx that detailed the "meet Dave" experience." Interesting. So I checked her out and realized that DavesBadBarbie was actually Dave Navarro's Barbie that tours with him. Basically, it's life on the road with Dave Navarro through the eyes of his Barbie. If you follow Dave on Twitter at all, he will randomly post pictures of this Barbie in random places while he's out on the road.

Well, DavesBadBarbie decided to post a Top 20 of 2009 list on Twitter yesterday, and yours truly was number 17! My post about seeing Dave Navarro in his black bikini briefs was so fantastic that even Dave's Barbie knows about me!

Let's be honest. I think we all know that a Barbie isn't acutally capable of posting Tweets. So who does that leave? Dave Navarro. Yes, that's right. Dave Navarro read my blog once and tweeted about it. My little story made such an impression on him that he felt it was worthy enough to include on his (or her) Top 20 list of 2009. Wow. Just wow.

This little nobody is walking around with a very enlarged head that's in the clouds and a chest that's pushed out proudly. boobs look a lot bigger when I do that! Ha!

Thanks again Dave Navarro!!!! Meeting you was certainly one of the highlights of my year. And what a year it's been!

Can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for all of us!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I was informed by DavesBadBarbie that she is NOT Dave Navarro. She hated to burst my bubble and "reduce [my] boob size" but she felt I should know the truth. Regardless, I'm still pretty stoked that Dave's special lady knows who I am and was kind enough to think my story was special enough to include in her top 20 list. Thank you my dear! It's greatly appreciated! :)


Anonymous said...

well ... everybody knows his twitter account is Davenavarro6767

but yeah your blog is pretty cool , and more news with Slash please

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