Friday, May 16, 2008

Shine A Light

I'm ashamed to say that I've never been the biggest Rolling Stones fan. Yes, I like them and I think they're fantastic, but I'm not dying to see them live and I don't own any albums. This is reason enough for my fiance to divorce me before we are even married because he's a HUGE Stones fan. Lucky for me, he's found it in his heart to forgive me of this travesty.

So of course my fiance was dying to see the Scorsese movie Shine A Light. I'm honestly surprised we didn't go see it opening night. One of my best friends went to see it and said it was fantastic, so fantastic that she saw it twice in a week. I wanted to see the movie because I enjoy just about any movie that has to do with Rock 'n Roll.

Needless to say, the movie is quite impressive. There's some behind the scenes footage with the band and Scorsese. Scorsese also decided to include old interviews and clips from when the Stones were just getting started. It was incredible to see them so young and fresh and untouched with not a thought in their heads that they would be the phenomenon that they are. And because of this young Stones footage, I can finally now understand why women find Mick Jagger attractive. He was hot when he was young!

While we were watching the movie, I wanted to jump up and down and start screaming after every song because it felt so real. I honestly felt like I was right there in the audience, and that's an incredible feat to pull off for a movie.
There were also a few special guests who show up to perform with the Stones in the movie: Buddy Guy, Jack White, and Christina Aguilera. All give amazing performances, but I have to say that my personal favorite was Christina Aguilera. That woman has such an incredible voice!
After watching Shine A Light, I have a new found respect for the Rolling Stones. They are freaking incredible performers and musicians. Have you watched Mick Jagger on stage? He gives 110% during the entire performance. I have no idea where he finds that energy, but I certainly applaud him for it. And although Keith Richards looks like he's about 100 years old, he can still kick ass on the guitar; there's no doubt about that.

Even if you don't love the Rolling Stones as much as my fiance does (he truly believes that Keith Richards is God), you should still go see Shine A Light. It's worth every penny and you'll definitely be a bigger fan by the end of the movie.

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