Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lick It Up: A Millennium Tribute to KISS

Go out and buy this album now! It's available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. There are some great artists featured on this compilation: former members of Skid Row, Ratt, Warrant, LA Guns, Dangerous Toys, Britney Fox. Honestly...most of the actual names that are listed don't ring a bell for me, but that could be because I am not as well versed in my 80's hair band members as the rest of you (I know, I know...I am totally ashamed).
Unfortunately, I haven't even heard this CD....except for song #11. That's because song #11 is She and my fiance's band, Snowblynd, recorded it. It fucking rocks! Of course, maybe I'm a little biased...but seriously, their version of She does seriously kick some ass.
Go check it out now!

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