Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Was About to Jump Off A Cliff

Richie Sambora replacing Bret Michaels on Rock of Love?

I heard this rumor yesterday on the radio and almost jumped out of the car and into oncoming traffic, so someone could just put me out of my misery. A million different thoughts were running through my head, mainly, "What the hell is he thinking?" It's not like Bon Jovi is hurting for money. Maybe he's hard up for cash after the divorce and his DUI. Who knows. It was bad enough that Bret Michaels decided it was a good idea to try to find "love" in front of god and everyone, but not Richie Sambora too. I realize he's going through a hard time right now, but he's above this bullshit...isn't he?

I'm happy to report he is. Before I completely lost my mind, I did a little research online. According to VH1 (which is also where I found that great Photoshopped picture), this is some nasty rumor started by some nasty a-hole, and it is totally, 100% NOT TRUE.

Thank god. I don't think I can take another rock & roll hero falling from my graces. But I wonder what sap is going to try his luck at finding "love" with a bunch of skanks? Any guesses?


Jay Amabile said...

you know, no matter how silly it seems I bet it'll get him a lot of attention. To be honest who the hell was talking about Bret Michaels in the months before Rock of Love premiered? lol

Hard Rock Hideout said...

Whoever he ends up with, will kick him to the curb, just like Heather Locklear, Denise Richards etc etc.