Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Girl Power!

No, I'm not writing about the Spice Girls. This post will be dedicated to the ladies whom I deem worthy of the title "Girls Who Rock." And lord knows, the Spice Girls are definitely not in this category. Don't bombard me all at once with comments about ladies I missed or those ladies on my list whom you hate. Realize that this list is only MY list of girls who rock, girls who were influential to me and my life. You can have your own list. Feel free to post it in the comment section.

1. Corey Parks - If you don't know who she is, then you deserve an ass kicking, and she can definitely give you one. She was the amazon temptress who played bass for Nashville Pussy. If you don't know who Nashville Pussy is, punch yourself in the mouth and then go out immediately and buy their CD's. Corey Parks is the epitome of rock 'n roll at its raunchiest. She's hot. She's tough. She plays bass. She spits fire. She has a tattoo on her stomach of the Harley-Davidson logo with wings, but it says, "Eat Me Princess." Seriously...does it get any hotter or tougher than that?

I saw them live quite a few years ago, and lucky for me I was in the front row right in front of the rock goddess. There is no one who can entertain and tease a crowd better than Corey Parks. There she was banging away on the bass and then her shirt came off revealing her perfect set of surgically implanted breasts and her low slung pants. She kept dousing herself with water and making all the boys get tents in their pants. And as if that wasn't enough, she spit fire over the crowd without burning anyone.

Unfortunately, Corey had issues with drugs and alcohol and ended up leaving the band. She's cleaned herself up, gotten married, had a baby, and is currently playing for the Die Hunns and Charley Horse. But music isn't her only forte. Oh no, this statuesque rocker has her own high end clothing line, Viva Le Rock, that has been seen on the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Karl Lagerfeld, and Britney Spears. Just because it's found in boutiques on Melrose doesn't mean her clothes don't scream vulgarity and rock. Her clothing is edgy, rough, and sexy; it's not something you could wear to work, but definintely something you could wear to your next show.

Corey's no frills, no care attitude has always impressed me. She's vulgar and sexy and doesn't give a damn who knows it. She makes no apologies for who she is or what she's done, and those are qualities that I can truly appreciate. This lady has no issues being one of the boys and letting the boys know that she can certainly beat them into submission.

2. Theo Corgan - This punk rock beauty was the lead singer for the Lunachicks. She has one of the strongest, most distinctive voices around. The blonde hair rocker is reminiscent of Barbie at first glance...until you see her full sleeves. Barbie wouldn't have the balls to get full sleeves. She's completely feminine and boldy confident but not in a cocky way.

I saw them once on the Van's Warped Tour and once in the shittiest, basement bar in Columbus, OH. The Lunachicks and Theo were definitely vulgar, but more in a cutesly girl way. I'm sure some punk rock purists would be put off by that, but I appreciate a little girliness with my rock.

There aren't many heavily tattooed ladies that can make it in the world of high fashion, but Theo did it; she snagged a Calvin Klein ad. I'm sure it was her intriguing beauty that Mr. Klein fell in love with.

The Lunachicks have since disbanded and she's currently fronting Theo & the Skyscrapers. A few years ago, she did a movie...for the life of me, I can't remember what it's called. I only rented it because she was in it. I vaguely remember the details. I think she was in a band, there was pot involved and perhaps a suitcase? Not quite sure, but regardless, it's a good watch for those Theo fans out there.

3. Lita Ford - The 80's rock mistress! Do I really need to explain myself here? She writhed around in TIGHT spandex pants and played the guitar like mad. Lita proved her rock power in a world dominated by men. You couldn't deny her talent or her dedication. Plus, she dated Nikki Sixx way back in the day and she ended up marrying Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P. That's rock 'n roll!

4. Joan Jett - Lita's Runaways bandmate, Joan Jett may be the single reason why "I Love Rock 'N Roll." For as long as I live, I will never forget the first time I heard that song. I was probably about 5 or 6, and my family lived in Japan. My older brother and I were waiting in the car while my parents quickly ran into some store. The radio was on and "I Love Rock 'N Roll" came bursting out of the speakers. I fell in love with that song instantly.

5. Pat Benetar - She's got one of the greatest female voices in rock. That's all I have to say (or need to say) about that.

Runners Up
Ruyter Suys (Guitarist for Nashville Pussy)- she can play guitar better than most men and do it with her shirt off.

2. Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart) - No one can deny the power or the beauty of Ann Wilson's voice, and Nancy Wilson isn't too shabby at the guiar either. I prefer their older, 70's music. Unfortunately, I didn't get hip to them until the late 80's. Thank god I can go back and listen to their older stuff now. It's fantastic. I day, the intro to "Barracuda" is going to start playing as I walk into a bar.

3. Gretchen Wilson - I know, I know...she's a country mega star. But you know what? I don't care. Gretchen Wilson rocks. Her voice is amazing and she drives trucks, drinks whiskey, and plays on 4-wheelers. That's pretty tough if you ask me.


Jay Amabile said...

I love your list...I think it's pretty damn accurate...I would have to give honorable mention to The Donnas, Avril, Marion Raven (if she's not on it heads will roll! lol). BTW enter the don't have to be from Jersey! Even if you don't I want to send you out a shirt anyway just for being an entertaining writer.

George said...

Good list! I might add Kat Bjelland and other other members of Babes in Toyland. Vixen on the list either?? lol

Hell On High Heels said...

I got reprimanded by one of my friends for not adding the Donnas to my list. Although I love the Donnas, I love all the other ladies more.

And yes, I didn't put Vixen on the list. Sorry! They did rock, but Lita Ford rocks WAY harder. ;)

Hard Rock Hideout said...

One you will need to keep an eye out for is Dilana Robichaux. She is the girl from the Rockstar Supernova show on CBS.

Her new album will be out later this year. It has a bunch of guest stars, including Mick Mars from Motley Crue.