Monday, May 19, 2008

Rock on the Range Day Two

In my old age, I've grown weary of attending huge music festivals. It's just hard for me deal with the crazy, mass amounts of drunk idiots for an entire day or two. Most of these festivals book a bunch of bands I'm not familiar with or just don't like, and if they do book bands I like, I just don't have the patience or stamina to be at a show all day. It's tough being an old lady in this music scene!

Last year, I didn't attend Rock on the Range here in Columbus, Ohio. This year, I was lucky enough to attend the second day of Rock on the Range. I was pretty bummed that I missed the Stone Temple Pilots reunion on day one (I heard it was pretty freaking fantastic), but my fiance, my friend Dee, and I were given an opportunity to attend day two for free, so beggars can't be choosers. The icing on the cake of course was that we also got backstage passes! I seriously couldn't believe it. Thank you to our good friend Sarge, drum tech for Papa Roach, for hooking us up!

The main stage at the stadium was just built, and it is pretty phenomenal. It's huge and I think they had the backstage pass holders and guests in mind as well. There are two platforms on each side of the stage which is where most of the backstage pass holders watched the shows. This gave us a pretty great view of the stage, the band and the crowd, and we were really close to all the action.

We missed all the bands on the second stage unfortunately, but we were able to catch three and half bands on the main stage. The half of a band we caught was Seether, whom I'm not very familiar with but were still pretty decent.

After Seether, we watched Alter Bridge. I had my doubts about that band...I mean after all, it is just Creed sans Scott Stapp. I hated Creed, and I hated Scott Stapp even more. But this band's life after Scott Stapp is much better. They were very impressive, and I was pleasantly surprised. They actually rocked.

Papa Roach was next up in line. I've seen them twice before, and they've always put on quite a show. This was definitely no exception. Jacoby has so much intensity when he performs that it's hard not to get caught up in it. The crowd was right there with him jumping up and down to every beat.

Then there was 3 Doors Down. Yawn. Although this band has some big, catchy radio hits, I have never been so unimpressed watching a live band before. The intensity level of the band and the crowd dropped dramatically. Sure, the crowd was singing along to their songs, but they just didn't have quite the same vibe. I was bored (and I was freezing my ass off because it was so freaking cold out) for an hour.

Finally....the moment I had been waiting for all day. Kid Rock. I don't care what anyone says or what anyone thinks: Kid Rocks kicks ass. And to make this moment even sweeter...Rev Run was in the house. It was one of the most amazing concert moments I have ever witnessed in my life. Rev Run, his wife Justine, and son Diggy, were standing right below me while Rev Run was waiting to go on stage. And when he ran out there, the crowd went crazy. Kid Rock and Rev Run busted out a few old school Run DMC tunes and ended the medley with Walk This Way. It was stellar. Peter Wolf from the J Giels band also made a special guest appearance during the show. This was the first time I have seen Kid Rock live and he certainly didn't disappoint. OK, I lied. He didn't disappoint performance wise, but he did disappoint me by only playing one song off his new album (and it wasn't So Hott or Rock 'N Roll Jesus). In the end, it didn't really make any difference. I thought the show was freaking fantastic, and I had a blast.

I almost forgot! KG from Tenacious D was there too! He came up on the platform to film a commercial for some show. I wanted to say hello, but I was too chicken, and I didn't want to interrupt him while he was working.

Please enjoy a few pictures from the show. Sorry about the quality. Although we were on the stage and we were close, my camera sucks and so does its flash.

Alter Bridge

3 Doors Down

Papa Roach
Papa Roach

Rev Run, Justine, & Diggy

Kid Rock

Kid Rock & Rev Run
Kid Rock & Rev Run

Kid Rock & Rev Run


Jay Amabile said...

sounds like you had a good time! Kid Rock never disappoints live. But I'm surprised you aren't familiar with Seether..they're a decent band more grungy than anything. Alterbridge is light years beyond Creed thanks to singer Myles Kennedy.

Hell On High Heels said...

I recognized Seether when they played their radio hits, but I didn't realize who they were until I heard them. ;)

Hard Rock Hideout said...

That is totally awesome that you got to watch from back stage. How was the sound back there?

If you get the chance, pick up Alter Bridge's newer CD, Blackbird. You won't be disappointed. Myles Kennedy is the man.

Some trivia for you....Myles Kennedy is the guy that took over for Mark Wahlberg in Rockstar towards the end of the movie. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Rob Rockitt
Hard Rock Hideout

Barbara said...

Thanks for the review. You hit it pretty much spot-on. Day One was fun as well. There were more bands that rocked on the first night. It's great you have pictures at all from Kid Rock's performance. I've been searching for them all over the net and this is the first place any were even decent. Good job. Kudos!

Hell On High Heels said...

Thanks Barbara! Hope you come back and visit again! :)