Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Husband vs. Nikki Sixx

If you know me or follow my blog, you know that I love Nikki Sixx. Hopefully, you also know that I love my husband. That being said, just because I'm happily married and love my husband doesn't mean I would ever pass up an opportunity to be with Nikki Sixx (please feel free to read into the meaning of "be with" if you'd like). But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would actually have to choose between the two loves of my life.

For weeks now, I have been unbelievably excited about attending Rock on the Range. Aside from the fact that I would get to hang out with my lovely friends, Dee and Sarge, and see some fantastic bands (Limp Bizkit...that does not include you), I was also going to be within feet, maybe even inches of my one and only Nikki Sixx. I would dare to say that there would have been about a 97% chance of me meeting him. We would exchange glances as we extended our hands, and our palms would touch and squeeze each other in sheer delight as his breath would fall upon my skin while he introduced himself to me...ummm...I digress.

Then my dreams were shattered last Saturday night. My husband's band, Snowblynd, got their first gig in Nashville, and this gig isn't at some hole in the wall bar. The Snowblynd boys will be performing at Manuel's shop for a sale/benefit event. Who is Manuel, you ask? He's responsible for making Elvis' gold lame suit. He's responsible for creating the beautifully embroidered and rhinestoned suits for everyone from Johnny Cash to Porter Wagoner to Kid Rock to Gram Parsons. He's responsible for creating the Rolling Stones logo. And he's responsible for crafting my husband's wedding jacket. Yup, that's a pretty rad first gig in Nashville. The only problem? It's on the same day as Rock on the Range.

Oh shit. Now what do I do? Do I stay in Columbus to meet Nikki Sixx? Or do I support my husband and go to Nashville? Decision, decisions.

As my husband and I stared blankly into each other's faces over this dilemma, he said to me, "Baby, just stay here and meet Nikki Sixx. You've seen me play a million times. You may never get another opportunity like this to meet Nikki Sixx." This statement coming from the man who is well aware of the fact that if Nikki asked me to run away from him, I would go. So I ask you loyal readers...How f-ing amazing is my husband?

Of course, way down deep in my heart, I knew there was no way I could miss watching my wonderful husband mesmerize the people of Nashville. It may not be a big stadium show or the opening slot for some big time band, but it's a pretty big show to me.

So instead of going to Rock on the Range and making Nikki Sixx fall madly in love with me, I'll be in my favorite city, Nashville, Tennessee, watching my husband's band kick ass in a legendary clothier's showroom, and it's going to be incredible.

You've eluded me once again my lovely Nikki. I suppose it just wasn't meant to be...yet.


Matt Purkey said...

Christine - You're awesome! He's a lucky man!

Allyson B. Crawford said...

That's awesome your husband has such a cool gig. You'll meet Nikki someday. Have fun in Nashville! --

Allyson B. Crawford

Mrs Munster said...

It sound like you and your hubby are really meant to be. But I TOTALLY get the disappointment not seeing the oh-so gorgeous Mr. Sixx.