Thursday, April 22, 2010

John Mayer likes...Saigon Kick?

Yes, it's true. John Mayer likes Saigon Kick. Via his Facebook page, Chris McLernon, bassist for Saigon Kick, announced to the world that he was, "at the ASCAP Expo, and John Mayer just mentioned Saigon Kick. Really."

First I was stunned. Then I was intrigued. How the hell did that even come up? Luckily, Chris answered this question for us, "He was talking about guitar bands he was well versed in knowing/playing when he was learning. And he mentioned us last." Well, I'll be damned!

So from now on whenever you hear John Mayer, you can thank Saigon Kick for helping to inspire him and to teach him what he knows.

And John're a little less douchy for appreciating Saigon Kick.

Here's a little Saigon Kick for your listening pleasure. And if you thought I'd pick something off The Lizard, then you're dead wrong. Please enjoy "Russian Girl" from their lesser known, yet still kick ass album, Devil in the Details.

And thanks to my friend, Thom Hazaert. Without him, I never would have known about this nugget of information!

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Chris McLernon said...

Well, I'll be damned as well. Thanks for the props and the Russian Girl mention off of DITD. Believe me, when I had walked into the room at ASCAP and the last thing I expected him to say was my old band's name.

Thanks, and take care.

Chris McLernon