Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Exile on Main Street Re-Released

Thank you to my husband for making me love the Rolling Stones. Sure, I liked the Stones and appreciated them, but I was only really familiar with the stuff I'd heard on the radio. Then I started dating my husband and all that changed. He's a HUGE Rolling Stones fan and Keith Richards is his god. When he made me listen to Exile on Main Street, my life changed. That album is magic.

On May 18th, Exile on Main Street will be re-released. The deluxe box set will include 10 unreleased songs, a dvd with excerpts from Cocksucker Blues, a book with tons of pictures and a few other tasty treats.

One of the unreleased songs that will be included in the reissue is "Plundered My Soul." Check it out below. I think it's freaking phenomenal and surprised it didn't make the original cut. Thank god they're sharing it with the world now!

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Mrs Munster said...

Funny, my hubby has done the same thing to me: making me love Rolling Stones as he is also a huge fan :) Good to have a hubby with a great taste in music!