Saturday, September 19, 2009

You're So Funny Ryan!

Thanks to Ms. Allyson at Bring Back Glam, it was brought to my attention that one of my favorites, Ryan Adams, is now a columnist for a new website called The Awl. In honor of the new site and his new job, Ryan decided to create a "hair metal parody" theme song for The Awl. Although Allyson didn't find it humorous, I thought it was hysterical. Take a listen for yourself: The Awl: Hair Metal Version.

Now, I know that not everyone loves Ryan Adams as much as I do. That's totally understandable. He's not for everyone. I just happen to think he's a freaking genius. And I think that in order to find this parody funny, you have to like and understand Ryan's sense of humor.

The few times that I've seen Ryan live, he likes to talk about silly things like eating dinner with Alanis Morissette or how much he likes in the element, not the music (although he likes the music too). And he made up a song about a remote control and it was stupid and funny. That's just how he is, and that's exactly what he was going for on this song. It's awful and funny. Or at least I thought it was funny. He's a quirky, arsty kinda guy and he's got a quirky sense of humor.

And don't forget to check out Ryan's column while you're at The Awl. That's hysterical too. The last paragraph and the P.S. made me laugh out loud.
PS - Check out Bring Back Glam. Allyson is great and she has great taste in music!
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