Monday, September 28, 2009

Lita Ford Interview

She took a long hiatus from rock, but Lita Ford is back on the scene with a vengeance. The mistress of rock has a new album coming out, Wicked Wonderland, on October 6th and it's heavier than anything you've heard from her yet. Lita was kind enough to answer some questions and talk very frankly about sex, music, her family

It's great to have you back! What have you been doing these past few years? Why the long hiatus? And Why the Caribbean (aside from the fact that it's amazing)?

Just wanted to concentrate on my family. Jim and I are extremely close and our boys are our life! Living on a deserted island is not for everyone! It works for us though - we love it. Our boys catch fish and lobster. They grab conch right off the beach. It's an amazing environment. It's also wonderful for your sex life - there's nothing to do but have sex!!!!

How did Wicked Wonderland come about? Have you been working on it for a long period of time, or did it just come to you?

We started writing it a year ago and now it's coming out! We had a lot to say after such a long break! We wrote this album from our hearts. Jim and I don't have to do this. We did it because we wanted to and it's very pure. It's a lot more fun not having to listen to a bunch of suits from the label trying to tell you what's cool when they wouldn't know cool if it bit them on the ass!

What I've heard so far is really heavy. To me, it's feels more dominatrix as opposed to seductress. Do you feel more in control with this album?

Jim and I controlled every single aspect of this album! We hire who we want and fire who we want. It's the most control I've ever had and I must say that I love it! This is what I sound like not what someone else thinks i should sound like! And by the way - we are endorsed by the coolest bondage shop on the planet - We have quite a few of their toys and use them regularly! So you were pretty spot on with the dominatrix referral....

The songs on Wicked Wonderland are super sexual. A lot of women are afraid to be so open about their sexuality. Was it easy for you to be so open and free with your sexuality on this album?

When Jim and I started writing the songs they just kept coming back to our sex life. We have an incredible love life. Jim is the first man that has been able to satisfy me sexually. Our marriage is wonderful and sacred and our sex is a huge part of that. We just wrote what came naturally and I guess when you have a relationship like we do you tend to think about sex a lot! We talked about being so open and decided to just go for it. If more people had great sex the world would be a better place!

How has it been working with your husband?

Incredible! He's the best singer I've ever known. He does things vocally that still blow me away after 15 years! We're soul mates - it's kind of like twins... You know how sometimes twins will finish each others sentences and stuff like that? Well that's how me and Big Daddy (that's one of my nicknames for him - the other is Meat Whistle) are. We really freak a lot of people out that way. We're very connected and it was a blast writing and recording with him. We have a home studio and Jim would engineer so it was just us while we'd record... I bet you can guess what that was like!!!! No clothes and lots of sex!!! Definitely gave the album some intense energy!

Have your children influenced your music in any way?

Our children have influenced every aspect of our lives. - They've made everything better! We love our kids with all our hearts. They're such cool kids! They box, teach Gracie Jiu Jitsu, hunt, fish.... They kick ass!
Do you see your kids following in your footsteps?

They sure are starting to that's for sure! They've been training to fight in the UFC since they were 2 years old! Now they are starting to jam. James is really getting good on guitar and Rocco is picking up the drums. It would be so cool if they walked out to the octagon in the UFC to one of their own songs!

How did it feel returning to the stage at Rocklahoma last year? Did it get you more motivated?

It was amazing. Such an awesome experience. Then the damn tornados decided to mess around! I was amazed that so many people stayed through that mess. It was pouring and all I could see was a sea of umbrellas. It was an honor to play for the diehards that braved the storm!

Now you're going out on tour with Queensryche. Rumor has it that they will be backing you up. How did that come about?

We're very excited about this. Queensryche is such an awesome band. Can't wait to get out there and rock!
What are your feelings on the The Runaways movie?

We have nothing to do with it.

What bands are you listening to these days?

The classics! Metallica, The Ramones, Def Lep, stuff like that. That's what my kids like so they control the stereo!

You are legendary in rock for helping put women on the map and letting everyone know that we women can rock just as hard, if not harder, than men can (all while looking smokin' hot). Do you see any female rockers today who are carrying that rock torch?

I'm very grateful for everything Rock n Roll has given me. I'm very happy that I've helped so many women. Sometimes the response I get is overwhelming. To tell you the truth - I have no idea about today's artists! We've been on a deserted island so long that I have no clue who any of the new bands are. I do think PINK kicks ass though! She rocks.

Thanks for the support and for helping to keep metal alive! God bless....

Thanks SO much to Lita for taking the time to answer the questions! :)


Mrs Munster said...

Great stuff. Lita is still so stunning!

Jason said...

Awesome interview, great live...I'm glad I made it to see and all.

Adult Shop said...

nice one... her story inspired a lot of women to follow her footsteps. the movie "the runaways" was also good.

SexToyRick said...

Yeah i met Lita back in 1987 .. she was opening for RATT IN DAYTONA BEACH Florida.. she was Kicking it with Chris Holmes of wasp !! i gueess she got the Sex Toy idea from Chris ... what a beast !! Kudos :)