Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Hit Your Head on A Ferrari

Although it's old news by now, I still think it's interesting nonetheless. I recently found out that Brad Whitford, guitarist for Aerosmith, was going to miss the first few dates on the Aerosmith tour due to surgery. With the band having a string of bad luck as far as illnesses are concerned, I was saddened to hear this...until I heard why he was having surgery: He hit his head getting out of his Ferrari.

Who knew Ferrari's were made well enough to cause internal bleeding in someone's head? I suppose for the money your paying, it damn well better be made well! Although I'm sad that Whitford was hurt, it kind of made me giggle a little that it was a Ferrari (of all things) that caused his injury. Luckily, the bump didn't knock any sense out of him because he knew to get his head checked once he started having severe headaches. I feel awful that he was hurt so badly from this and I hope Mr. Whitford's surgery went well and hope that he has a speedy recovery so he can get back on tour.

Speaking of Aerosmith, I heard a rumor that they'll be playing all of Toys in the Attic...except for You See Me Crying. Why? Because Steven Tyler can't hit all those notes anymore. Boo. I suppose I respect that decision, if it's true. At least he's not trying to do something he can't. Steven Tyler still kicks ass no matter what.

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