Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just wanted to give you folks a few quick and important reminders!

Make sure you watch Motley Crue make an appearance on Fox TV's Bones this evening. They will be performing Dr. Feelgood, and I'm assuming they're doing this to pump up tickets sales for their tour this summer. Regardless, I'm watching it or DVR-ing it. Even though I think it's kinda weird that they're going to be on the show, I want to see my Nikki.

If you feel like a road trip this weekend and you want to see a good show, make the drive to my city, Columbus, OH, for Rock on the Range. It's a two day music fest full of metal and rock.

Saturday features Slipknot as the headliner on the main stage. Call me crazy but Alice in Chains is also playing and should be headlining, not opening for Slipknot. Blasphemy! Don't miss Duff McKagan's Loaded on Stage 2 and Columbus' own X Factor 1 on the Jagermeister Music Stage.

Headlining on Sunday is Motley Crue. Stage 2 features Pop Evil, and Clutch will kick some teeth in at the Jagermeister Music Stage.

Tickets are $54.50 or $64.50 for one day or $99.50 or $114.50 for both. Hotel and camping packages are sold out. For more info on Rock on the Range, go to

My interview with Mike from Black Water Rising!!!!!!!! Until then, check out my latest post at Hard Rock Hideout!

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Lu Cifer, said...

That was quite the weird episode! I don't watch much TV, but at work I do thanks to the better non-dialup connection, and House is purdy goldang good! Of course, it's probably no where as popular as AMERICAN IDOL excuse me I must now vomit! And I still want some free NINJA tickets! SNIFFLE!