Thursday, January 1, 2009


Time to forget about whatever happened in 2008 and start fresh. It's a new year with new hopes, promises, and potential. But before we shove 2008 back on our shelf of memories, let's have a little review. Since all the other blogs have posted a "best/worst" for 2008, I decided to create my own short list.

Best Album of 2008
AC/DC - Black Ice - I don't know how anyone can not like this album. It's got that classic AC/DC sound. It just kicks ass and that's all I have to say about that.

Worst Album of 2008
Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy - Biggest build up...biggest let down.

Best Concert of 2008
Papa Roach - I don't care what tour they were on, they were incredible each and every single time I saw them. I've never seen a band carry so much energy throughout an entire set.

Worst Concert of 2008
3 Doors Down - BORING. I think this band is really mediocre anyway, but seeing them live made me really dislike them.

Yeah, I know. It's a short list. I didn't feel like reliving every moment in 2008, just review a few things.

So do any of you have any New Year's resolutions? Aside from the normal eat healthier and lose weight, a couple of my resolutions are to read more music related books and listen to more music.

2009 has already started out on the right foot. I was flattered to be asked to contribute to Hard Rock Hideout! They have given me my own little column! So be on the look out! Also, I will be leaving next week to go on the Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man cruise! This is my second year on the cruise, and I know it will be a blast. Last year, I got engaged on the cruise. Who knows what this year's cruise will hold! And of course, 2009 is the year for my awesome rock 'n' roll wedding!

Lots and lots of good things to come in 2009. Hope all of you have a wonderful 2009 full of happiness and luck!


Mrs Munster said...

My resolution is to have more fun and enjoy my life. And to disagree with everyone who says Chinese Democracy was the worst album of the year :) It's brilliant album!

Jay Amabile said...

Thank you Happy New Year to you as well...and congrats on the Hard Rock Hideout gig! That's so cool, I'm a big fan of that site!

Razzle Red Rachie said...

Congrats on that column offer. I shall have to look into it.
My resolution is to write plenty of songs, get the rest of my band, Gehirn Lego (Gehirn is German for brain) or Fat Camp (My friend and I haven't decided which name to use) together, and maybe play a few shows. Also, to go to the March 18th Motley show in Portland, Maine!I really want to build up a lasting reputation, and I would love if you visited my blog,, again!

Hell On High Heels said...

Oh Razzle...I tried going to your blog but the link didn't work. :(

Anonymous said...

I liked Chinese Democracy too lol
I was supposed to go to see 3 doors down too until they cancelled half the tour...just as well I guess