Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are You Ready for Chinese Democracy?

Can you believe it? Finally after what feels like an eternity, there is finally an actual release date for Chinese Democracy: Sunday, November 23, 2008.

Don't get me wrong, I won't be surprised if there's some huge catasrophe that blows up the warehouse holding all of the millions of CDs, which will in turn delay the release of this album again. But at least there is a glimmer of hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, and a chance for free Dr. Pepper in my future.

The title track was released a few weeks ago, and I have to say that it wasn't too bad. I'm not saying it's great, but it doesn't suck nearly as much as I had expected it to. After 17 years in the making, there's A LOT of hype to live up to. Although I know that nothing will ever compare to Appetite, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Axl's sake that this album is as good as he has made it out to be.

It's hard for me to rally around this album and say it's the newest Guns N' Roses album because for me, it's not Guns N' Roses at all; it's Axl with a bunch of random dudes playing back up. There's no Slash. There's no Duff. There's no Steven Adler, or Matt Sorum for that matter. Even though this situation is grim for me, I'll still support it because it's Axl Rose's new album. And no matter what anyone says, he's legendary.


Anonymous said...

I'm mainly in it for the Dr. Pepper

Jay Amabile said...

it's hard to say that it's a momentous occasion being that the fans of GNR, with or without the actual band members, have been let down by them time and again. How about all those cancelled concerts because Axl was being a prima donna? I'm still excited about it especially because I'm glad I can still by good ROCK albums. For a long time rock seemed to have been endangered.

I know you've probably heard the leaked tracks, because I know I certainly have. I've been listening to the tracks for the past 3 or 4 years. That's when these tracks started to get leaked. I enjoy the new track but it doesn't have a hook that is satsifying enough for me. Great guitar work though, and Axl sounds awesome. I was hoping for the first single to pack more of a wallop. I can't wait. Thanks for getting me even more pumped! Despite how much they've pissed me off in the past I still can't wait for the album. LOVE THE NEW HEADER!!! Super Sexy!

Mrs Munster said...

I totally agree. It's not new Guns 'n roses album! It's Axl's new album and it's probably awesome, but why, why does he need to call it Guns 'n roses. My hubby has put and advert in our kitchen, just to make sure that I also remember when it's coming out. He is obsessed over it! Counting the days. We had a discussion about Axl vs GNR album. He did make a good point saying that lot of other artists (like two separate Faster Pussycats) have been going with just 1 original band member. I suppose with GNR you just got to "know" all the member. It's not like that with all the bands.

Hard Rock Hideout said...

I think the random excitement over this album is going to die off as quickly as it came. Classic Guns fans are probably going to be disappointed with Chidem. Those with an open mind might like it, but I am guessing this won't be the majority opinion.