Monday, October 27, 2008

Thanks Hard Rock Hideout!!!!!!

A BIG thank you to Rob Rockitt from for the free tickets to go see the Queen & Paul Rodgers movie Let the Cosmos Rock! He had a contest on his site to win free tickets to the ONE night showing of this movie, and I won! Woohoo!!!! Like I told him...I never win anything, so I'm pretty stoked.
Go here to find out which local theater near you will be showing this film.
And make sure you stop by Rob's site too. I'm a daily reader, and it's fantastic. My only problem is...he makes me feel like a slacker because he updates his site constantly. I wish I knew where he got a fraction of his information! He's always on top of things! Whether he posts info on bands I've never heard of or some of my all time favorites, I always learn something new.
Thanks again!!!! :)


Jay Amabile said...

i'm an avid reader of HRH also!

Hard Rock Hideout said...

Just found your post. Glad you won the tickets. Enjoy the show and let us know how it is.

Happy Birthday!!