Thursday, September 25, 2008

What?!?!? Could It Be? Really????

As I was watching TV this morning, Good Morning America had a teaser with Clay Aiken purporting that he was finally going to open up and confess something really personal. I sat back and thought to myself, "Golly gee...I wonder what he's going to talk about?" Maybe that he's a man whore and has actually slept with more women than Gene Simmons? Did he sleep with some girl and get her pregnant? Did he actually have sexual intercourse with his baby's mama? Of course, I had to go to work, so I never got to see what the fuss over Clay Aiken was all about.

Then I saw the cover of People in the check out line of the grocery store during my lunch break: Clay Aiken is gay! What? Are you for real? This can't be! Clay Aiken gay? Who woulda thunk it?

Come on people! Really? You needed People magazine to make you realize that Clay Aiken was gay? I knew he played for the pink team from the very second I saw his geeky ass on American Idol. How could the American public not know? It's SO freaking obvious! From his feminine voice and demeanor to his gay male was like he was already the gay men's embassador before he came out.

Or perhaps People was just reporting what we already knew, like they were breathing a sigh of relief, "Whew! We can finally report that Clay Aiken likes men! We've been waiting for this moment since he lost Idol! Can you hear the hearts of little girls everywhere breaking? Can you?" Now can you hear the roar of the gay men's choir? Oh yeah...

The kind of disturbing part of this for me is that Clay Aiken's homosexuality took precidence on People's cover over the unfortunate accident of Travis Barker, DJ AM, and the lost lives of their friends. What kind of f-ed up society have we become when coming out of the closet becomes more important than the tragedy of others (regardless of who they are)? Sad. And I'm not even a big Travis Barker fan, and I only know DJ AM because he dated Nicole Ritchie, but I understand as a human being that their suffering should be the big news, not Mr. Aiken's love for men.

And another disturbing factor is that Clay's gayness was front page news, and there wasn't even a whisper about the death of Richard Wright, the keyboardist for Pink Floyd. Granted, he died a couple weeks ago, but his death is important nonetheless. It's bad enough that the media shunned the death of Jerry Reed but Richard Wright too? If Kenny Chesney or one of the Pussycat Dolls died, you bet your sweet ass that their "tragic" deaths would be all over your TV screens and gossip rags. Again, I'm not the world's biggest Pink Floyd fan, but no one can deny the importance or impact of their music. Therefore, the death of one of the founding members of such an influencial band should be all over the news.

Now that Clay Aiken has confirmed what all of us have already known, perhaps the world can move on to pondering bigger and better things like when Britney Spears' next breakdown will be or if Hugh Hefner can actually get it up.

Editor's Note: I apologize for my absence on this blog, and I apologize that my first blog back is about Clay Aiken. First it started with a crazy storm that knocked out power for a day (a week for some of my friends) and cable and internet for a week. Then I had to go out of town to the Dirty South, Atalnta to be exact. Now I'm back to harass you with my opinions. Did you miss me?

Also, please don't think for one second that I'm a homophobe. I'm not. I have a gay friend and a lesbian friend. That sounded a bit cliche, didn't it? Ha! But it's true! I do have gay friends. I love the gays! :)

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Jay Amabile said...

I feel exactly the same way. If they're going to report celebrity news they should be reporting on the plane crash rather than Gay Aiken. We love to make things "official" and celebrity revelations that they're gay are always big sellers on websites, tv shows, and mags. Mcgreevy, lance Bass, etc. Who cares. Danny Pintaro from Who's the Boss is Gay...whooo hooo...thank the Lord that we know this information!