Thursday, September 4, 2008

East Bound & Down

It was probably overshadowed by the hurricanes or the Republican National Convention...or because no one cares, but The Guitar Man, Jerry Reed, died on Sunday, August 31 from emphysema.

It may be strange to see me writing about him since you're probably used to me ranting about rock & roll, but I think it's only right to pay homage to this country music legend.

My first introduction to him was as the Snowman on Smoky & the Bandit. And let's be honest here folks...that movie kicks ass and you know it! My brother and I watched that movie all the time as a kid. Now I'm marrying someone who quotes the movie on a daily basis (that's no lie).

As I grew older, I learned about his music. I don't own any of his cd's, but I have definitely heard and listened to his music more than once. As a matter of fact, I just listened to one of his songs just a couple of weeks ago.

And let's not forget his fantastic role as Coach Red Beaulieu in the Waterboy!

I think it's sad that his passing didn't get the pomp and circumstance that it deserved. Like I said before, there may have been some bigger world issues that dominated the headlines at the time, but I still don't think he would have received the respect he should have gotten anyway.

So in honor of the talented musician and actor, go and watch Smoky & the Bandit (we have it on DVD...of course) or Waterboy or at least listen to East Bound & Down.

Over and out.


Sparky said...

How sad - I didn't hear this news at all! Have East Bound and Down on my iPod and love Smokey and the Bandit - Jerry Reed will be missed.

Matt said...

Jerry Reed was an absolute MONSTER guitar player! Any metalhead guitar player worth his weight will track down some Jerry Reed and then sit there with his jaw on the floor. When he and Chet Atkins would get together, it was a guitar wankers dream combo. 'Dem boys can play!