Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Half Ass SOLA Review

Psyched. That's an understatement. So f-ing excited that my head may explode is a better description for how I feel about the new Motley Crue album, and more specifically, this summer's tour, Crue Fest. And although I'm the brokest bitch in town, I went out on my lunch break yesterday to buy Saints of Los Angeles because I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't buy it the day it came out. Should I have saved my money for the $10 millon/gallon gas that I have to feed to my gas guzzling Jeep? Yes. Did I use my better judgement and do that? Absolutely not. Is the album worth not having enough gas next week to get to work? Yes.

Before you continue reading, let me just warn you. This is not a comprehensive review of SOLA. This is my first initial reaction to my first two run throughs. Also, I'm trying really hard not to let the reviews I've already read influence how I feel about the album. Once I listen to the album a few more times, I have no doubts that my feelings about it will change.

I caught Motley Crue on Larry King last week, which got me even more psyched to blow my money on the album. I'm not the girl who will try to find songs leaked on the internet or try to somehow get my hands on an advanced copy (because honestly, I have no f-ing idea how to do that, otherwise I would). So waiting out the weekend knowing that I could have this album in my grubby, little hands soon was excruciating. Watching those boys sitting together and talking about their raucus history made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Finally, my boys are back together with a new album, and a kick ass tour about to start. The excitement that is boiling up inside of me to see them live is almost overwhelming. Ask my friend Dee. Not that you know her or anything, but it's seriously all we can talk about when we're on the phone together.

OK, enough about my panties melting off at the mere thought of seeing those boys live. Back to the album!

I'm at work. I put in the CD. My heart is racing. The intro comes on. Just like Allyson from Bring Back Glam says, it's reminiscent of the intro to Shout at the Devil, but not nearly as bad ass.
The first few songs, kind of threw me for a loop. I didn't like them. I thought they sounded really cheesy, and immature. And when I say immature, I mean musically. Lyrically, I can handle some immaturity, but musically, I like everything really grown up. These first few songs just sounded half ass to me for some reason. I just couldn't feel it. It didn't remind me of the Motley Crue I know and love. My heart sank.

Then SOLA came on. By far, the best and strongest song on the entire CD. I LOVE this song.

Everything after SOLA, was great for me. I heard lots of complaints about Chicks=Trouble. Honestly, I don't know what all the fuss is about. I thought the song was much better than many others on the album. Sure the lyrics are immature, but that's why I love it. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll baby! That's what it's about!!!! And that's probably why I appreciate that song so much.

On the second run through of the album, the first few songs didn't bother me nearly as much this time. I actually kinda liked them. And then there were a couple of songs later in the album that I liked the first time around, but didnt' think so highly of the them on the second turn. The second half of the album, from SOLA on, really works for me. It feels and sounds like Motley Crue. All the songs before SOLA don't have that same appeal.

Needless to say, I think I need to spend a little more quality time with my boys and their new music to really get a good feel for it. I don't think it's their greatest accomplishment to date, but I do think it's totally worth running out and buying it now.


Jay Amabile said...

are you going to see them on tour? I'm going in August...can't wait! SOLA is their best track in years.

Hell On High Heels said...

You bet your ass I'm going to see them on tour! I've already taken the days off work so I can go. I'm not fucking around! It's the highlight of my entire summer!!!!!!

Sparky said...

You won't be disappointed - just saw them in St. Louis. Kick ass!!! All 4 were really into the show - although Tommy was a little ticked that he didn't get to do his "tity" cam, but he had a nice little chat with the audience to get us all pumped up anyway!!! I only wish I would have sprung for the more expensive tickets to be closer, but it was expensive enough where I was.

Okay, so this is an old thread, but couldn't resist responding!