Friday, June 27, 2008

Fascination Street

My man and I were spending a quiet evening at home, and we happened to catch ABC's Primetime. We do love to watch these shows that document all kinds of stuff from murders to undercover investigations on how people act to watching teenagers fighting. Whatever it is, we usually watch it. On this fine evening, the show was about Central Ohio Amish teens facing the temptation of the real world. It showcased several teens who were testing the waters of freedom and trying to make a decision on whether or not to stay with the faith or live in a society full of technology and temptation.

There were a couple of teens who really stood out: Danny the 18 year old who ran away from the faith and started drinking and smoking and ended up in jail for burning a buggy (and who's Amish accent was SO thick it was hard to understand him...and made me wonder if he had a learning disability) and there was Nelson.

Nelson, my friends, may be the coolest, most bad ass Amish kid on the face of the earth. Lucky for him, his family actually let him have some of the luxuries of the real world without having to hide it from them. So what do you think Nelson did with these privileges? He pimped out his buggy. Hell yeah! He loaded it up with a stereo system, sub woofers, and an iPod charger. He was rolling down the road (slowly...) blaring AC/DC out of his buggy. Seriously, I would have crashed my car if I would have passed his buggy in person. Bad ass, Nelson, bad ass. Not only are you bad ass, but you also have kick ass taste in music. Because of you, I will never doubt the Amish again.

You know what's really sad? An Amish kid is rolling around with an iPod in his buggy, and I don't even own one of those damn things. I need to get with the times.

On to the next thing that fascinates me....this picture of Nikki Sixx. It may be one of the greatest, hottest pictures of my dream man and you can't even see his f-ing face! God bless you Nikki Sixx for being so hot that even a picture of your hand can turn me on.

I'm not much for God talk, but after all this Amish-ness and all the awesomely awesome hottness that is Nikki Sixx, I'm forced to believe that there must be a superior being or higher conciousness that creates such perfection. God damn it! He's beautiful!

I love this picture so much, I want it on me, like tattooed on me for life. For the truth. It's amazing.


Jay Amabile said...

that picture of nikki DOES kickass...!

Razzle Red Rachie said...

I love Nikki Sixx too!!!
he is really hot, and I'm grateful for people who feel the same way. Although, keep your grubby paws off him!! He is mine!!!
visit my blog, music is the life for me!

Razzle Red Rachie said...

I'm going to Crue Fest on the 22nd of August, when they play at the Tweeter center in Massachusetts!
I'm going with my father, and will most likely scream my head off, and lose my voice. Oh well, Nikki Sixx is So worth it!!!! I will be like a mad GIRL...