Thursday, September 13, 2007

She's A Crazy Bitch

I've written a few things here and there over the years. I usually just save them to a folder on my computer and keep them to myself. Now that I have this wonderful outlet, I'll be posting some of these writings on here. Yes, they're dated, but I feel like they deserve to be read and acknowledged by not only me, but the rest of the world.

Here's an oldie but goodie. Enjoy!

Back in the day when Buckcherry first stepped out onto the music scene, I hated them. Yup, I hated them because they sounded like the 80's hair bands that I grew up with and that had been shunned from society at this point. I never really gave them a chance. But now that I'm past my teenage angst, I've opened up my diverse musical palette to include them. I appreciate them now for trying to keep that music alive in today's sea of indistinguishable bands.
If you haven't heard about it, read this:
A 16yr old girl and her parents are suing Buckcherry and Warner Music. Here's why...
Buckcherry posted an open casting call on their myspace page telling anyone and everyone to come to an LA nightclub if they wanted to be in their new video. This 16yr old girl, going by Jane Doe in the lawsuit, shows up at the nightclub, fills out a release and falsifies all of her information. Then she says the band coerced her to take shots and then encouraged her to perform sexual acts with another girl. Then they put it in their video and let the whole world see it (Does Tracy Lords ring a bell?).
Look folks, teenagers are not as naive as we think they are or as naive as we would like them to be. At 16, I was fully aware of sex and drinking and drugs. It was all around me. I was also very aware of what went on at backstage at concerts and the dirty shennanigans that went down with girls and rock stars. Who doesn't know about that shit?
When I was 16, my friend Stephanie and I got backstage passes for a Pantera show. Some roadie walked by, saw us, chatted with us, and handed us passes. Why did the roadie give us backstage passes? Because we were dressed like sluts. And why did we dress like sluts? Because we wanted backstage passes.
After the show, we were ushered into a room. The roadie who had given us the passes greeted us at the door and handed us each a beer, no questions asked. We walked into the room full of guys and a few other girls and we realized...we were the only people in the entire room who had a gotten a beer. And why did that roadie give us the beer? Because we were two hot chicks dressed like sluts. And why did we dress like sluts? Because we wanted backstage passes so we could party with Pantera.
Eventually, everyone else got beer. Then the cops barged in to check everyone's ID's. Everyone was quickly thrown out of the room, except for us; we were escorted to the back of the arena...and onto Phil Anselmo's tour bus. We sat on his bus stunned and smoked weed with him. He asked us how old we were and we promptly lied and told him 17. After hanging out for about an hour, we just got up and left. Nothing happened (because there were older, hot girls at his disposal who arrived after us).
Here's my point. Stephanie and I knew exactly what we were doing at 16. We knew what dressing slutty could get us, and that's exactly what we wanted. We knew that drinking under age and smoking weed was bad, but we did it anyways because we wanted to be cool. However, we were (and still are) both smart enough to not let things get out of control. There NEVER would have been a point where we would have gotten so wasted that we would have fucked some random dude or girl, let alone have someone video tape it.
Jane Doe knew EXACTLY what she was doing. She wanted to be cool and have fun and get down with the band, so she took those shots and fucked those girls and let them video tape it all. It's only when she realized that the whole world was going to see that video, did she start to have regrets.
I'm sure it got around school and everyone was calling her a whore, and then her parents found out about it and that was the beginning of the end for poor little Jane Doe. Her parents realized that their young, naive daughter wasn't as sweet and innocent as they thought. And god only knows their daughter couldn't have done all that shit of her own volition. Somebody had to have forced her to do such vulgar and perverted things, so they blamed the band and sued them.
What the parents don't want to admit is that they have no one but themselves to blame for their daughter's irresponsible act. They are her parents. They raised her. Apparently, they missed teaching her something, or they just sucked as parents. Or maybe there is just a screw loose in their daughter's head.
Rewind to the 1980's when Judas Priest was being sued by the parents of a teenager who killed himself. Do you honestly believe that playing a record backwards can cause your child to kill himself? No, of course not. There was something already wrong with your child, something not right in his head. He was already fucked up. No parent wants to admit that their kid is fucked up, and they sure as hell don't want to blame themselves for that fuck up. So what's the next logical thing to do...blame someone else.
I think that this whole lawsuit against Buckcherry and their record label is fucking ridiculous. This girl blatantly lied about herself on the release form, so how could the band be at fault? Because they didn't ID her? Because they were under the assumption that she was old enough to drink, or at least old enough to be a legal adult? Because they released a dirty video that included a girl who stated that she was old enough to be in that video? She started this whole downward spiral when she decided to show up and falsify information. When she realized that what she did was stupid, she tried to save face and pick up a quick dollar.


TheBangerLovesMe said...

You need to locate one of Chapelle's two stand up specials where he discusses "what is in an age". Classic. Congrats on your blog.

Jay Amabile said...

These are all good points and this is precisely why our justice system is compeletly f'd up.