Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alice Cooper - Ohio State Fair 8/1/09

When my friend Amy told me that she had an extra ticket for me to go see Alice Cooper at the state fair, I was pretty stoked. When she told me they were third row seats, I was really stoked. When she emailed me a couple of weeks later and told me they were front row seats, I lost my mind.

Alice Cooper is a legend. He was doing shock rock before Marilyn Manson knew how to put on make up. And this show was proof that Alice is still the originator, grandfather and king of this art form.

Unfortunately, I'm not up to par on my Alice Cooper repertoire like I should be. Thankfully, I have a husband who is and a best friend, Amy, who most certainly is (this was her 11th time seeing Alice). But even though I didn't know every song he performed, I still had a kick ass time and Coop put on a kick ass show.

I had no idea what kind of theatrical show I was in for (and apparently, it wasn't as theatrical as past shows). All the props and characters were SUPER cheesy and over the top ridiculous, which is exactly what made the show. Had everything been more realistic, it wouldn't have been nearly as good. His daughter was one of his many cast of characters. How cool is it that his daughter gets to be a part of her father's show and follow in her mother's footsteps? Alice's wife was standing at the side of the stage like a proud Mama and wife. It was amazing to finally see the whole guillotine act and watch the evil nurse decapitate Alice! Woohoo! It was like seeing a little part of musical history.

The band was spot on and I was surprised to see Keri Kelly on guitar. If I kept up to date on my music news, I probably would have known he was on guitar. He sweat more than anyone I've ever seen, but he certainly kicked ass. It was quite a pleasant surprise for me to get to watch him.

Being in the front row definitely has its perks. There's no one standing in front of you and getting in your way. You have a perfect view of just about everything. And it's much easier to catch things that the band throws out to the audience, like the Alice Cooper hundred dollar bills. But the COOLEST thing that happened to me in the front row that night was when I caught Alice's cane. That's right! Your girl caught Alice's cane! It was almost like he just tossed it right to me. It was freaking awesome!

Whether you like Alice Cooper or not, you must go see him live. It's a fantastic show. I'm only sad that I never went to go see him sooner.


Loud Reviews said...

his shows are always great. I saw him in 96. didnt have 1st row

Jay Amabile said...

I'm glad you had a good time, it's hard not to have a kickass time at one of Alice's shows! Even his more recent songs sound great live!