Friday, December 12, 2008


My dearest Nikki Sixx,
I apologize for forgetting your birthday. Being an adult and having the responsibility of a real, corporate job, is a real pain in my ass and sometimes gets in the way and makes me forget important days like the celebration of the day of your birth. I promise that it will NEVER happen again. Please remember that I worship you and that you are the hottest man on the face of the earth. That will never, ever change. Also, just in case you ever read this, you are also my one "freebie" so if you ever want take me up on that offer, then holla at your girl.

Happy Birthday my sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs Munster said...

What a sweet post. He is just the hottest 50 year old! And probably the hottest man ever.

r0ck0n said...

lmao...that is all I have to say

Almost Famous said...

Good Lord...he's 50? He still looks amazing, haha.

Jay Amabile said...

JBJ is my gf's freebie. Gwen Stefani is mine lol. Isn't it funny that they'll probably never happen!?!?! lol. Nikki still rules at 50. You'd never know he was that age...he still looks young!