Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today is the day that we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest people alive. He is one of my greatest heroes, one of the greatest musicians, one of the members of my all time favorite band, and one of the hottest men on the face of the planet...Nikki Sixx. That's right folks, the man who has died twice and lived to tell about it, and the man who has experienced some of the world's most heinous debauchery is 49 years old today.

After reading The Dirt and The Heroin Diaries (I'm almost finished with it and the review will follow shortly), it's hard to believe that he's still with us today. The only logical reason that I can discern for his beautiful life being spared is that the powers that be realize that he is just awesome; it's really as simple as that. He's a musical genius (there would be no Motley Crue without him). He's tough as nails (anyone who overdoses twice and lives deserves the Nobel Peace Prize or something). And he's amazing at everything he does (from being a drug addict to a rock n roll star, he definitely excelled at both).

Not only is Nikki Sixx just an amazing being, he's also an amazing looking being. Did I mention that he's died...twice? Yeah, no one who's devoured as many drugs and as much alcohol as he has, let alone died, should look as unbelievable as he does. And I'm here to tell you that it's not just Photoshop magic my friends.

I met Nikki Sixx at a tattoo convention a few years ago. I was sitting in some bleachers and he walked right by me. I almost fainted at his beauty...and at the fact that Nikki Sixx just walked by me. Even up close and personal when he was signing my Shout At The Devil album, he was stunning and sweet. I refuse to believe that he's had any work done. Botox...maybe. Plastic surgery...I hope not. I'd like to think that some special humans can live through that much shit and still come out looking amazing.

My boyfriend and I have this deal (as do most couples I'm sure), that if an opportunity were to arise where we could sleep with ONE famous person, we could. Nikki Sixx is that one person for me. I don't care about his drug use. I don't care about his whorish ways. I don't care about him suing his fellow band members. All I care about is having that one night of my own heinous debauchery with Nikki Sixx. Ahhhh...a girl can dream, can't she?

So, happy birthday to one of the greatest rock stars in existence. Until we meet...


Jay Amabile said...

haha...my gf has the same deal with Jon Bon Jovi. I have the deal with Gwen Stefani. I'm a Nikki freak also. Got to meet Nikki at a pre show party for Brides and my mouth hung open in awe. Inside I was freaking out. I also dressed up as Nikki one time http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a277/Jay-Ryan/nikkigwen.jpg - he's definitely one of my idols. One of my favorite shirts has "Who died and made you Nikki Sixx?" on it! lol.

Nikki is hot said...

Love this post. I met Nikki a few weeks ago at a book signing in Houston. I will most definitely agree that he is absolutely gorgeous. If the man has had any surgery done, it was done very well because you cannot tell at all. Not only is he a total hottie, he is also so sweet and charming that he could melt your panties right off.

My husband definitely knows Nikki is my one guy, haha. Nobody should be allowed to be that sexy, it's just not fair!